Propositions approved at May 20th 2011 Assembly at #acampadasol #spanishrevolution

MADRID, May 20th 2011. As a result of the agreement reached during the assembly of the 20th May 2011 in ACAMPADA SOL (Sol Square occupation) and as a result of the recopilation and synthesis of the various propositions received during past days, a list of proposals was elaborated. We point out that the Assembly is an open and collaborative process. This list must not be understood as finished.

Propositions approved at today’s assembly (May 20th 2011):

1. Reform of the Electoral Law. We demand open lists with unique circumscription. The number of acquired seats must be proportional to the number of votes.

2. Enforcement of basic and fundamental rights expressed in the Spanish Constitution, such as:

– The right to decent housing, achieved by a reform in mortgage law.

– So that handing over the house implicates the cancelling of the debt.

– Free and universal public health system.

3. Abolition of discriminatory  laws, such as the European Space for Higher Education, the Immigration Law and the Sinde Law.

4. Fiscal reform to favor equality, a tax reform actually based on income and inheritance. We also demand the implementation of Tobin Taxes, which take into account international financial transfers and the suppression of fiscal paradises.

5. Reform of the labor conditions of the political class, to abolish, for example,  life salaries.

6.   Transparency and political lists free from corruption must be mandatory by Electoral Law.

7. Plural action regarding banks and financial markets, obeying 128th article of Constitution, which determines that all the country´s wealth, in its various forms and ways of ownership, is subjected to general interest. Control of the IMF and European Central Bank’s power and influence. Immediate nationalization of those banking entities which were rescued by the State. Enduring control over financial entities and operations so abuses, in their various forms,  are abolished.

8. Real detachment  between the Church and the State, as stressed in the 16th article of the Constitution.

9.  Participative and direct democracy, active citizenship must be encouraged institutionally.  Popular access to media must be ethical and truthful.

10. True regularization of labor conditions with accurate enforcement by the powers of the State.

11.  Closing of all nuclear energy plants and promotion of renewable and free energy.

12. Recovery of public enterprises which were privatized.

13. Effective separation between executive, legislative and judicial powers.

14. Reduction of military expenses, immediate closing of weapon factories and a more effective control of state security forces. As a peaceful movement we believe in an end to wars.

15. Recovery of Historical Memory and the founding principles of the fight for democracy in our state.

16. Transparency of political parties accounts and financing as a way of stopping corruption.



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4 responses to “Propositions approved at May 20th 2011 Assembly at #acampadasol #spanishrevolution

  1. Antonio B

    16. Asamblea Constituyente
    (A PROPONER: Que sea Universal, donde cada ciudadan@ tenga el mismo poder para proponer y votar cad ley, articulo, paragrafo… organizados a nivel local, como alcaldias, para que tod@s puedan participar a su convenencia. Con referendos permanentes, semanales o mensuales, para que tod@s puedan participar. Incluso por internet y correos para personas que no puedan acudir a la asamblea, o a los referendos.)

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