Minimum Requests of #acampadabcn #spanishrevolution #15m

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Minimum Requests

In Barcelona several documents are being written collectivly, ​​ they collect the wisdom and the contributions of hundreds of people. These documents speak about the different levels in which we operate to bring change. They are all documents in progress, open and in constant improvement.

This is document is only one of them.

Specialized subcommittees have been created to produce content with the aim to add more specific documents to this first one.

We are changing the world. Completely.

Meanwhile politicians that don’t represent us are still there, legislating about our lives.

This is why we are writing here some measures that can be easily understood and applied. Alert! This document is about minimal actions . Actually what we want is much greater, something that may never be undesrstood.

We will transmit this to the mayors elected on the 22nd May elections. We will ask them what follows, point by point.

1 – No more privileges for politicians, starting with those in Barcelona:

Drastic reduction of the politicians salary of the drastic political to put them at the same level of the populationś average salary

Removal of their privileges on tax payments, allowances, pension contributions (In Barcelona only this would save at least half a million euros a month).

Prohibition of pension set above the maximum pension for the rest of the citizens.

Removal their legal immunity for corruption cases. Dismisal of the corrupt politicians.

2 – No more privileges for bankers:

– Prohibition of any rescue or capital injection to banks or any actions for saving banks: entities in distress must fail or be nationalized to became a public bank under social control.

– Immediat and transparent return to the public coffers of all public capital provide to banks

– Regulation of speculation and sanctions for poor banking practices. Prohibition on investment in fiscal paradises.

– All properties acquired by foreclosures, should be rented in social regime to evicted families.

3. No more privileges to large fortunes:

[ To solve the deficit problem in Spain, it would be enough to apply to the 50 largest fortunes the 5% of the salary cuts that were imposed to the civil servant’s salaries]

– Increase the tax rate on large fortunes and banks, elimination of the ICVCs

– Stop the supression of the succesion tax. Recovery of the wealth tax.

– Effective control over tax 3. No more privileges to large fortunes: evasion and capital evasion to fiscal paradises.

– Promoting international adoption of a tax on financial transactions (Tobin Tax).

With the application of the these three points above enought budget would be obatined to solve the next four issues. Because there is no shortage of money.

4. Decent wages and quality of life for everyone:

– The economy serves the people and not vice versa

– Establishment of a maximum wage as well as a minimum.

– Reduction of number of working hours, so that everyone can enjoy life, have time to think and can balance his personal and professional life, without reductions in salary. This downsizing will allow a sharing of tasks that would end the structural unemployment.

– Withdrawal of the pension reform.

– Safety at work: supression of collective dismissals or dismisals for “objective causes” in large companies while there are benefits; control of large companies to ensure they don’t engage temporary employees in jobs that could be cover with permanent labour contracts

– Recognition of domestic work, reproductive work and family care work.

5. Right to housing

– Expropriation of unsold vacant housing to raise the offer of public social rent.

– Declaration of cities free of evictions and eviction.

– Criminalization of mobbing practices.

– Donation in payment of housing to cancel the mortgages, retroactively from the beginning of the crisis.

– Prohibition on real estate speculation.


– Withdrawal of proposed budgetary cuts by the Catalan government (Generalitat). Withdrawal of the austerity plans and cuts affecting public services at national, European and globa levell.

– Reestablishment of services already cut in health and education.

– Increased health personnel and infrastructure to end waiting lists.

– Increase number of teachers and of educational insfraestructures to maintain the ratio of students per classroom, the groups split and the support groups in schools.

– Ensure truly equal opportunities for access to all levels of education, regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds. Allocate public resources to public education only. Schools should be equals and of quality

– Funding for public research to ensure its independence.

– Public transport economically affordable to all people, quality and ecologically sustainable (NOT CONSENSUS REACHED YET IN THIS POINT. DISCUSSION / DEBATE STILL NEEDED)

– Public free care to children and people with special needs.

– Prohibition of privatization of public services.

– Submit our membership in the NATO to referendum.


– Stop control of Internet. Abolition of the law of cinema know as the “law Sinde”

– Protection of freedom of information and of the independence of investigative journalism. Removal of legal dispositions preventing the exercise the right of free use of community and non profit media. Elimination of de facto monopolies of radio space.

– Implementation of free software in public institutions to ensure sustainability.

– Withdrawal of the “civility bylaw” (ordenaça del civisme); withdrawal of any bylaw that limits the freedom of movement and freedom of speach.

– Mandatory and binding referendums on issues of great importance (including European directives)

– Elimination of non-regular raids on migrants and removal of the Immigration Law and current closure of CIEs. We support voting rights for migrants.


– Establishment of effective mechanisms to ensure internal democracy in political parties: open lists, direct election of Councillors (This point has not been completed to agree. MISSING DISCUSSION / DEBATE)

– Budget approved for by all citizens

Here the text will mention the discontinuation of some industries and professional bodies. We call for the relocation of these professionals or the reconversion of this industrial activity sectors .

8. Environment

– The economical system can not be based on indefinite economic. This is not sustainable.

– Food sovereignty, promoting peasant agriculture, rather than multinationals.

– Promotion of agro-ecological farming. Suspension of GM based on the precautionary principle, to resolve uncertainties about the impacts on the environment and health. We support land reform.

– Sustainable development and fair trade. Prevent monopolies controlling the distribution of food, to guarante access to all producers.

– With all these measures above and others comply with the CO2 emissions reduction objective beyond the Kyoto Protocol. We support a true climate justice.


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Police forces crack down brutally on #acampadabcn: protesters return in thousands and take back the square #spanishrevolution #bcnsinmiedo

After surrounding the camp in early morning, the local police forces in Barcelona evicted the people staying in Plaza Catalunya at around 11:00 AM with the excuse of cleaning up. The reason, they say, is that because Football Club Barcelona plays the Champions League Final (an important football match) the area might be flooded by a massive celebration if they win. They stated that if this happens, then the tents and objects placed there could be used during the celebration for violent purposes, which they say is a “security risk”, making it necessary to evict so as to let cleaning brigades in the square. They also said they want to make clear it is not an eviction and that the protesters will be allowed to return after the operation is ended. While the police violence was taking place on the outskirts of the square, 300 people were surrounded in the center and sitting down peacefully they called for non-violence and asked the police to explain themselves. Official government channels have stated that 15 people suffered minor injuries during the operation, although this number could be much larger, as much as 45 or 65 according to El Pais and other independent media. Ironically, the spokesperson for the Catalan police said, on national television that the operation had been non-violent. On Twitter the #acampadabcn and #bcnsinmiedo hashtags have been very active and many videos as the ones below have been posted to show the un-called-for brutality with which the police evicted the peaceful protesters. In response to these actions, social media sites have been buzzing with anger, with many people around the world sending their support and others swearing they will return.

A few minutes ago, at around 14:00 pm thousands of protesters broke the police line around the square and have reclaimed what is left of their camp. Most of it, including computers with valuable data and donated furniture, was taking away in trucks that were part of the cleaning operation. The different sections of the 15M movement (@acampadasol, @acampadavalencia etc.) have called for a unified protest around Spain at 19:00h to support people in Plaza Catalunya. The hashtag for the protest is #confloresalas7 (which means with flowers at 7).



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#Europeanrevolution ignites after #spanishrevolution leads the way: massive protests happening now in #France, #Italy and #Greece

(Originally posted at

As the main camps in Puerta del Sol (Madrid) and Plaza Catalunya (Barcelona) prepare to pack their tents and leave on Sunday, organizers have started to spread their message to the rest of Europe. From the beginning the Internet was abuzz with proposals of a European revolution or a #globalcamp, and for that purpose thousands of blogs and independent websites have been opening, planting the roots of the protests happening now in over twenty cities in France and Italy. Greece has also taken the streets and an estimated 30 thousand people are protesting outside of Athen’s Parliament as we can see from this live feed. Here you can find a live streaming of the General Assembly in Paris.


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Tomás Herreros and Emmanuel Rodríguez: This is the Democracy, stupid #spanishrevolution #15m


On May 15: From indignation to hope

Sunday the 15th of May marks an important point of inflexion: from the network to the street, from the conversations at home to the mobilization; but especially, from the indignation to action. Hundreds of thousands of people, summoned across the network, plain citizens, have taken the streets with a clear claim: the demand of real democracy, a democracy not at the service of the big interests, but of the persons. A direct critique to the political class, that from the beginnings of the crisis, has governed behind their backs and under the rule of what is always euphemistically called ” the markets”.

In the next weeks and months, we will see how this claim for “real democraciy now!” develops Everything indicates that its power will go on growing. The best way to prove its`power is how it is taking hold of the squares in different cities. The social network is in favor of the movement, and its replication in streets and squares makes it stronger. Today, and far from predictions always uncertains, we can already present some conclusions.

Firstly, the movement of May 15 is right in its critiques. The way we know politics, they way polical parties are today forcing the the weakest sectors of the society to pay for the crisis, has led to the indignation of an increasing part of the society. In the last years we have witnessed , amazed, the multimillion euro rescue of big banks, side by side with the social welfare cuts. The destruction of the elementary rights and privatizations, that have diminished the already sketchy  Spanish welfare state. Today nobody doubts that this way of practicing politics is a danger for our present and our immediate future. Precisely, the indignation grows when faced with the cowardice of our politicians, unable to control the power of the financial sector. What happens with the promises of an humanized capitalism after the crisis of the subprime? Where is the promise to finishing with the tax havens? What happened to the control on the financial system? Where is the taxation of  the speculative revenues? Where is the the proposal of discontinuing funding fiscally the richest?

Secondly, the movement of May 15 is much more than a warning for the so called the Left. It could be (in fact it most probably will be) that on May 22, day of local elections and also of the autonomous communities, that the Left will be defeated. In such a case it would be a prologue of what surely will happen in the general elections. What is certain, is that the institutional Left (parties and big unions) are the target of the political indifference produced by its incapacity to present new solutions in the context of the crisis. And it is in this framework that one finds the double explanation of the Left electoral defeat. Lets say it loud and clear: the problem comes simply from the extreme inequality of the wealth distribution, worsened by the financial discipline. On the other hand, the Left doesn’t know how to make space and work with the emergent movements that claim democracy and freedom. What mattered more the millions of mortgaged or the big banks interests? And what to say of the new cinema Law Sinde? Whose side was Zapatero on? On the side of the people who are shaping the net or the side of those that want to make it a business? Why is left not capable of taking sides with the citizenship movement? If the Left is not capable of leaving the script of the financial and economic elites, and of proposing plans B to get us out of the crisis, it will always be in opposition. The time for extensions is gone, simply put: the left must change or die as social legitimate actors.

Thirdly, the Movement May 15 shows how the citizenship, far from being a passive actor, has proved able of organizing and shaping itself in an epoch of institutional abandonment and strong crisis of political legitimacy. The new generations have been able to network, inventing new ways of being united, without falling on obsolete ideological cliches, armed with their wisdom and pragmatism, escaping from the political preconceived categories and from big bureaucratic devices. We are witnessing the construction of ” majority minorities ” who demand democracy to end the the war of “all against all ” and the imbecile atomization proposed by the neoliberalism; who demand social rights in opposition to the logic of privatization and adjustment imposed by the economic power. And it is quite certain that the pre-established old schemes, the impossible return of the State claimed by almost all the left parties (from the most radical to the more moderate) will not work. Reinventing the democracy demands nothing less than new forms of distribution of wealth, global citizenship with independence of the place of origin, the defense of the commons (environmental resources, knowledge, the education, Internet and the health), and other forms of self-government of masses that would overcome the corrupted present forms of government.

Fourtly, we must remember that the Movement of May 15 is linked to a current of thinking shaped in different parts of Europe, resulted from the rejection of the so called austerity policies. Reivindications and mobilizations that are challenging real things, the dream of this mute and amorphous Europe that the political and economic elites are promoting. It is about the UKUnCuts’s campaigns confronting the politics of Cameron, of Geraçao a Rasca in Portugal , or of what happened in Iceland after the refusal of citizens to pay the financial rescue. And also, and especially, it is inspired by the so called ” Arabic Spring “, that across democratic revolts Egypt and Tunis, that succeeded with the dismissal of their corrupt leaders.

We do not know where the spirit of May 15 is heading to. But what we can already be certain of, is that there already exist at least two plans against the crisis: the cuts or the invention of the real democracy. We know the results of the first one, not only has it not returned the economic “normality”, but it has made us” all against all ” and “every man for himself”. Of the second one, which promotes the absolute democracy, we only can say that this is just starting and that it marks our direction. It is to this second one we sign in.

Tomás Herreros and Emmanuel Rodríguez (Nomadic University)

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Take the suburbs! Popular Assemblies on Saturday 28th May in all of Madrid #acampadasol #spanishrevolution #15m is already working and from there popular assemblies are being organized for the next Saturday 28th of May, 12 pm, at the squares of towns and suburbs near Madrid.

The list is continously updated and hundreds of emails were received in only a couple of days, so we ask for the maximum cooperation, support for the comissions and responsability regarding this iniciative of self-organization.

Finally, the Comission of Suburbs wants to remember that on Tuesday the 24th there will be an assembly at 8 pm at the Plaza del Carmen, all interested people are welcome to come and take part in the popular assemblies and share the opinions of your suburbs in order to continue organizing the movement, methodology, etc.

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Course of Action for #acampadasol #Spanishrevolution #15m

Course of action in case the square is evicted:

1- First and foremost, stay calm. We are organized. We have a legal team working for all of us. Precise instructions will be given from the PA sound system on how to proceed. These instructions must be followed by everyone.
2- The resistance strategy will be a pacific sit-in, non-responsive to any taunting or provocative remark. We will all sit down in SILENCE and we will take the arm of the one beside us.
3- If you don’t support this type of resistance, please go to one of the Meeting Points, which will be established in Jacinto Benavente Sq., Callao Sq. and “red de San Luis” (Gran Vía with Montera St.)
4- Once resistance is initiated, we will all move to the visible part of the square, as the PA sound sytem will indicate.
5- Keep an SMS template with the text “they have started evacuating Sol camp, come and protect it!” to send to your contact list once PA confirms the fact.
And remember:
Please, try not to spread rumours. Remember the only confirmed information is the one emitted by PA. Have your ID with you at all times. Keep calm. Together we stand. ¡No nos moverán!

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PhD Arcadi Olvieras on Crisis in #Spain at #AcampadaBCN on 20th May #SpanishRevolution

Arcadi Oliveres, PhD in Economics of Autonomous University of Barcelona, spoke on Friday May 20 2011 in the afternoon before a large audience in Barcelona, ​​during the protest movement of the Outrageds that reached across the world in the midst of the Plaza de Catalunya demonstration​, part of the called ‘#acampadabcn’.

No to the pensions fund

Investing in a pensions fund automatically makes us accomplices of speculation, we will be involved necessarily in awful things without even being aware, our money will finance corporations that do regretful things, we cannot go to demonstrations such as these, against the war, for example, without being aware that our money may be going to an arms factory.

Fight the Tax Fraud

Tax fraud in Spain is of 80.000 Euros. By preventing tax fraud we could raise pensions by 60 %, making any pensions fund unnessary.

Banks involved in money laundering

EL PAIS published “ Big Spanish banks launder sistematically money from drugs in tax paradaises”.

A week after this news was published the complete Executive Board of the bank BBVA resigned

Nationalization of banks

We should nationalize the banks that have received public funding, and this is not socialism, marxism or leninism, even Mr George Bush, who cannot be suspected of being a leflist, nationalized two american banks after funding them. Mr Gordon Brown, the former British prime minister, did the same thing.

Here in Spain we have given money to many banks and we haven’t nationalized a single one.

Ending hunger is possible

Since the begining of the crisis, banks around the world have received a total of 2.7 milion dollars.

With this amount of money given by goverments to banks famine in the world could be erradicated for … 54 years!

Rescuing Greece is too expensive

The time has arrived to create two Euro currencies with different speeds in Europe, depending on each country capacity. A euro for Germany, France. Belgium, Holland… and another for Spain, Greece, Portugal or Ireland.

Last year Spain payed 10,000 milion Euros to rescue Greece, and this week we will have to pay more. 10,000 milion Euros is exactly the amount of money that Zapatero has taken from Spanish citizens by freezing pensions, reducing civil servants salaries, stopping the funding for economic development, or discontinuing the “baby check”, etc… here are the 10,000 milion of euros we have given to Greece…

Working hours

The biggest impact of this crisis is not financial, but laboral. So, what should we do? Create new jobs, for sure, but could we create jobs for all the unemployed? No. In Spain there are 5 milion unemployed people, could we create jobs for all of them? Impossible! We could create some, but never 5 milion new jobs. I tell you, the only solution to this problem is that those employed work less hours so others can work. This is Solidary Distribuion of Employement. There is no other solution to this problem, that those fortunate enough to have a job reduce their working hours so others can be employed. This means that we have to fight to reduce working hours, (which is the contrary of what Zapatero is doing, he is extending the retirment age). Is this utopian? Not at all. A former French prime minister, Lionel Jospin, did this in France 12 years ago, and in less than two months 1,5 milions of new jobs were created in France… In our case it is impossible to solve the problem in less than 4 years.

Yes to “economical decrease”

But I tell you something, if one day we manage to get out of this crisis we cannot NEVER AGAIN, talk of economic growth, this is over! We the privileged people of the North that have exhausted the natural resources, the planet cannot sustain this anymore. Now is time to talk about economical decrease, and never again about growth.

This is linked to the ecological footprint

STOP the military expenses

You know that the Spanish goverment has not increased pensions, then how much have they saved by not increasing them? 13,000 milion Euros. On the other hands the Spanish goverment has spent 1,300 milions Euros of its budget building a fighter plane called the “Euro Fighter”, the saving in pensions has been spent building this plain jointly with Germany, Italy and the UK. Some years ago, the former German Prime Minister, Gerhad Schroder said that he will do his best take Germany out of the Euro Fighter project. This plane is very expensive and 15 years behind American models, and it is designed to attack USSR, which no longer exists… Schröder attempted to abandon the project, but after few weeks he said, “I wanted to leave the project but manufacturers, bankers and military haven’t allowed me” So, who is really in charge of German democracy? Bankers, manufacturers or military? And think it is quite clear.. Spain has never even attempted to abandon the project. Once they invite us into something, there we stay…

Don’t blaim immigrants

We cannot blame immigrants for this crisis, it is not their fault, and still they are scapegoats.

We are using them as scapegoats and some political parties of fascist tendencies… OK today I don’t want to talk about that during this elections campaign… they are taking advantage of all this with electoralist objectives…

This planet belongs to everybody and borders should be abolished. Besides, even from a very selfish point of view, we should be aware of what immigration is about, Spain needs immigrants because our population is growing old.

The ElectionsBoard is wrong

Don’t get discouraged, the Elections Board has no right to forbid this. The Elections board is trying to block any type of participation…

Final Manifesto

(Reads) “We are united by this upsetting situation, for our precarious lifes and general inequality, but above all we are united by a wish of change, we are here because we want a new society that will prioritize life above economical and political interests. We feel opresed by the capatialist economy and we feel ignored by the present political system which doesn’t represent us. We are working to achieve a deep transformation of the society we live in, and above all we work to make society the protagonist of its own tranformation”.

You all are the protagonists, thank you very much.

Original video (Catalan):

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Release of detainees in the event of #15M 2011 at #Acampadasol #Spanishrevolution

(Originally posted at )

Vegan Press detainees the demonstration of May 15, 2011

Assembly of the exhibition held from May 15

With this release we show how we addressed the national police and that people know what the attitude of these people, blinded by power.

We write these lines to express how we feel about what happened.

We are very different people, about ourselves as anarchists and others as anti-globalization, feminists, environmentalists, people who are in favour of a real democracy, etc., but all the comrades saw and suffered in our flesh the disproportionate police harassment and unfair.

Given that some did not participate in the demonstration, and we were able to defend various forms of political action, we all have a common feeling, discontent with the current situation of our lives (the difficulty in finding work or precarious conditions, no to realize our dreams because of economic inequalities and all this education consume and consume based on repressed by our political ideas or wanting to be different from what surrounds us). We are facing a scenario with no hope and no future that prompt us to live peacefully and be able to deal with what we like to each. Therefore, most came to the event May 15 to try to change this system more fair and equitable, but what was our experience: Repression by the state security Corps.

It was shameful to see how exalted men, dressed and equipped with all kinds of weapons to frighten and hitting anything that moved or anyone who was a little different as dictated by market trends, see how the police, which is supposed to maintain order and social peace, who was hit with impunity in their power, their faces full of hatred and dilated pupils (by stimulants that may have consumed), the terror that used to defend bankers, politicians and big business.

Detainees vegan agrees on the form of disproportionate, random act of the police, the following points:

1. A colleague, after examining his arrest in the van and hands tied, he was caught in the head and beat him to the seat of the van, which bears traces saying is “unhygienic “and that he did not care that there was no done nothing, but it was a dirty, and that was enough to hit her. And when it seems that has already passed, another riot was about to say “do not complain much, at least has hit just one.”

2. Another companion, baggy trousers, they say: “Normal you cannot find work with those pants fag” among other homophobic and sexist comments.

3. Another colleague who was leaving for home after completing the event, accompanied by his girlfriend see how the police are smashing blows a guy asks you to stop hitting and ends beaten and arrested for “getting where no one was called “.

4. Two comrades, to see how the riot batons to beat people sitting in the middle of Gran Via, intervene to raise the kids the ground and did not set foot, ending with secret police detained for aesthetic skins, only identified themselves as police after the arrests.

5. Another fellow had the misfortune of wanting to take the commuter rail in Sol after coming to play football. He was arrested “for being in the wrong time and place, ” as he later said in front of us all laughing in your face, humbling to see that the bag carried the football boots, shin pads, the robe of his team and ball. Just little joke saying, “do not complain much, so you have a story to tell your grandchildren.”

6. In the Provincial Information Brigade in Madrid, located in Moratalaz, we could not look up from the ground, as they either received a cry or a stroke. It was like horror movies, were all hooded, let us not look them in the face, even when we did a question. Unfortunately, reality is stranger than fiction.

7. Lying on the ground with the bridle tight in the wrists and looking down, warns that another partner has heart problems, which has been operated and taking medication. Asked to be transferred to hospital, to which the officers responded mocking him and denying him medical care. Spent 2 hours until a police commander said he would call the Emergencies, who arrived an hour later. For the police, the situation seemed funny and decided to put the nickname “The Telele” made ​​jokes and comments. He was eventually taken to hospital where he was treated. They put a road and provided him with medication. To be returned to jail, not let him take the medication with him and told him when he needed the request. After several hours, there was a changing of the guard and the new officers were not informed of the problem, when having to take a new dose was refused. The companion suffered a panic attack and agreed to their demands after more than two hours that we spend the rest of the detainees to help him screaming.

8. Since many of the comrades we were frightened, and in the first instance did not want to advise our parents or see a doctor. After the initial shock, we call these rights and one of the responsible commissioner Moratalaz literally cried: “Panda’s sissies, wimps of shit, I’ll get a kick in the ass that you will come out through your mouth, not first want to be notified to your mom and 5 minutes yes, but what the fuck you think is this bunch of assholes? Go to suck!

9. For all shipments in the car we drive recklessly at high speed, swerving and braking giving way, so that when in the back in handcuffs we beat them against the doors and partition walls.

10. Other signs of psychological abuse were:
– One partner said, “You’re lucky that I have not hit two shots”
– As we crawled up the stairs said: “We could throw out the window, which is a fucking socialist.”
– We are seeing signs of abuse and racism against other detainees.
– They refused to provide the resources that a partner hygienic deem necessary for menstruation.
– They altered our temporal consciousness and our sleep cycles.
– Continually mocked vegan status of some of us, with derogatory phrases like: “Look, this is the vegetarian.” “Normal, with the face of bitter you have.” Of course, they refused to respect this condition. They further argued that food was scarce saying “so fucking sexy for the summer.”

In addition to these abuses and humiliations, we denounce the crimes of “public disorder”, punishable from 6 months to 3 years in prison “Infringement of the authority”, punishable by 1 to 3 years in prison and “Resistance.” The first charge is common for all detainees, and then varies from 2 to 3 counts. These are the testimonies of the elderly, having 5 other children who were taken to the lumps (Lower Panel) and whose testimony was not known and we want to express our solidarity.

This was the treatment we receive, without forgetting that we were all lying on the floor face down or facing the wall, with clamps or tightly shackled to the maximum, for 2 or 3 hours.

With this release we show how we dealt with the Spanish National Police and that people know what the attitude of these people, blinded by the power they have granted.
We encourage all people to continue to participate in these demonstrations, or as they see fit, to show that we are not afraid and we are tired of their lies and theft.

If you fight you lose, but if you do not fight you are lost.

The street is ours and our lives too. We no longer believe their lies. The changes are in the street and not just in the polls. Do not represent us. No, no, they do not represent us!

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#Acampadasol will continue in Madrid – #spanishrevolution #15m

– TRANSLATION – (Originally posted at

MADRID, May 22th 2011. The General Assembly at Acampada Sol (Occupation at Sol Square) agreed during today’s morning meeting to continue camping at Puerta del Sol at least next Sunday (29th May). In this matter the Assembly was unanimous. One of the many reasons to continue the camp was the exportation of the kind of work which is being performed to other towns around Madrid. The final intention is that the various neighborhoods of Madrid experiment with the direct-participational system used at Sol. The definitive agreement was reached at 2:00 p.m. today.

Citizenship grows
We stress that the General Assembly of Sol was born after the protests of  the 15th of May 2011. During the first of the assemblies it was agreed that we would camp peacefully in Sol. The main objective was to demand a new society, a society that gives priority to people over economic and political interests. Basically, a change in social awareness. From this moment onwards the number of citizens sleeping in the camp and participating in the movement has gotten bigger and bigger. Every day there is more people actively paticipating in their community.
According to a spokesperson of Acampada Sol: ¨During the week we will be giving out details on how we will export this model to the towns of Madrid province¨.
Acampada Sol

@acampadasol –


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Declaration of Principles of Barcelona Camp #acampadabcn #spanishrevolution #15m

(Originally posted at



We have come here voluntarily and by free will. After the 15th of May demonstrations we have decided to remain united and grow in numbers in our fight for dignity. We do not represent any political party and they do not represent us.

We are united in our rage, our discomfort, the problems we face in our lives, which are derived by inequality, but above all, what keeps us together is our will for change. We are here because we want to build a new society that puts our lives before any political or economic interest. We feel crushed by the capitalist economy, we feel excluded from the present political system which does not represent us. We are fighting for a radical change in society. And, above all, we aim at keeping society as the sole driver of this transformation.

They thought we were asleep. They thought they could carry on cutting our rights without resistance. But they were wrong: we are fighting – peacefully, but with determination – for the life we deserve.

We have learned from Cairo, Iceland and Madrid.

Now it’s time to extend the fight and spread the word.

Information #acampadabcn

Timetable (daily until we remain camped)

  • 19:00h – Work committee
  • 19:30h – Coordination and preparation of the general meeting
  • 21:00h – Popular “frying-pan” protest
  • 22:30h – General meeting.

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