We are individuals who have come together freely and voluntarily. Each of us has decided, after the concentrations on Sunday, May 15, that we are determined to continue fighting for dignity and political and social awareness.
We do not represent any political party or association.
We are joined by the singular cause of change.
We are brought together by integrity and solidarity with those who are unable to join us.


We are here because we desire a new society that puts lives above political and economic interests. We demand a change in society and an increase in social awareness. We are here to make it known that the people have not fallen asleep, and we will continue fighting…peacefully.

We send our support to the friends that have been detained for participation in these concentrations, and we demand their immediate release with no criminal charges.

We want all of this, and we want it now. If you are with us, come join us.


2 responses to “Manifesto

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    • What you say is very true. The movement is very complex that is why it seems utopian, because when you read the proposals that different camps in Europe are making they are demanding the same, very logical things. It has a lot to do with moral values I think, something now very absent from politics (as shown crudely by Wikileaks over the last lear). Thanks for the comment!

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